The Story

Fifteen year-old Ben Garber has a secret. A secret which leads him to infiltrate the household of a family in a neighboring town.

About Stray

Stray is a thesis film completed by a diverse group of filmmakers as part of their Master of Fine Arts Degree from the American Film Institute Conservatory. An intimate coming-of-age drama, the film looks at what it means to be family as well as the confusion and heartache that family secrets can provoke.

Set in 2017, where the two-parent, nuclear family is no longer the prevailing norm, Stray asks how do we come to terms with our parents’ mistakes and how do our families define our identities. Stray is immediately relatable; everyone has their own stories of family struggles, and the film’s characters are complex and multi-faceted. Ultimately, Stray seeks to entertain but, more importantly, incite strong personal emotion within its audiences.

"A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it."   - George Moore